Belef took place, and at Belef…

Belef took place, and at Belef…
01/08/2014 borisio

It turned out that Belef exceeded our expectations. At least the theatrical one. The absence of nearly all major actors or directors was compensated for by the introduction of younger actors and the diversity of the theatric genres.  The so-called light genre of a literary cabaret, a favorite of the French, in the play “KNKNPNKN“, i.e. “Kikiriki” (Peanuts), led by the skilled Žanko Tomić, with the help of the witty “Lexicon of Yu mythology”, began with a type of self ironic nostalgia and ended up as a bitter satire of Serbian future in the European Community.
What a reminiscence of the future!

Jovan Ćirilov,  BLIC

Jorik - Јорик - Yorick