Aleksandra Pleskonjić

Aleksandra Pleskonjić

Aleksandra Pleskonjić, Sombor, Serbia.

  • Graduated acting from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in 1980.
  • Full-time member of the drama section of the Serbian National Theatre since August 10th 1980.


  • Gold medal at the Zmaj Children Games for the monodrama Kuvarice (Cook-ladies) by Dušan Trifunović, 1993.
  • Liberty statuette for the achievement in acting at the Theatre Festival in Mladenovac, for her portrayal of Paulina Salas in the play “Death and the Maiden” by Ariel Dorfman, directed by Marko Novaković, 1994.
  • Silver plaque for a female role at the Vršačka pozorišna jesen (Vršac Theatre Autumn) in 1994, for the role of Paulina Salas in “Death and the Maiden” by Ariel Dorfman.
  • The award of the Film festival in Niš for the role in the film Najviše na svetu celom (More than anything in the world), Siniša Kovačević, directed by Karolj Viček, 1994.
  • The award for acting at the Meeting of Vojvodinian Theatres for the role of ARKADINA in the play “Seagull” by A. P. Chekhov, directed by Žanko Tomić, Sombor 2000.
  • SNT “Dimitrije Mita Ružić” annual awards:
  • for the role of Gina in Bereaved family, B. Nušić
  • For the role of Ivanka Bikar in Ravangrad, Đ. Lebović, directed by Dejan Mijač 2003.
  • Večernje novosti Award at the 52nd Sterijino pozorje Festival for the supporting role of Sofija Petrovna in “The Uncle’s Dream”, Dostoyevsky, directed by Egon Savin, 2007.

Roles in the Serbian National Theatre:

  • “The Buoyance “, Ted Whitehead, directed by Branislav Svilokos
    “The Marriage”, Witold Gombrovicz, directed by Jerzy Jarocki
    “Images of sad events”, Deana Leskovar, directed by Slobodan Unkovski
    “And thorns are for men”, J. Njaradi, directed by Dejan Miladinović
    “Earth”, Molina Udovički, directed by Radoslav Dorić
    “Protection”, Branislav Nušić, directed by Dimitr Stankoski
    “Don Juan”, Molière, directed by Ljubiša Georgievski
    “My dad, a socialist kulak”, Tone Partljič, directed by Voja Soldatović
    “Big and small”, Boto Strauss, directed by Nikola Jevtić
  • “Archeological excavations near the village Dilj”, Ivo Brešan, directed by Ljubiša Georgievski
  • “The life of provincial playboys after World War II”, Dušan Jovanović, directed by Branislav Mićunović
  • “The Duman silence”, Slobodan Šnajder, directed by Mira Erceg
  • “Klement’s Fall”, Drago Jančar, directed by Zvone Šedlbauer
  • “Trap”, Tadeusz Różewicz, directed by Nevena Janač
  • “Jegor Bulicov”, Maxim Gorky, directed by Dušan Jovanović
  • “King Lear”, W.Shakespeare, directed by Ljubiša Ristić
  • “White coffee”, A. Popović, directed by Branko Pleša
  • “Cook-ladies”, Zoran Ristović, directed by author
    “Arsenic and Old Lace”, Joseph Kesselring, directed by Radoslav Dorić
  • “The Bereaved Family”, B. Nušić, directed by Branko Popović
    “Death and the Maiden”, Ariel Dorfman, directed by Marko Novaković
  • “I Cannot Afford It and I Will Not Afford It”, Dario Fo, directed by Žanko Tomić
  • “The Seagull”, A.P. Chekhov, directed by Žanko Tomić, SNT, Novi Sad
  • “The Bereaved Family”, B. Nušić, directed by Dejan Mijač
  • “The Liberation of Skopje”, Dušan Jovanović, directed by Žanko Tomić, SNT, Novi Sad
  • “Ravangrad (Flattown)”, Đorđe Lebović, directed by Dejan Mijač
  • “Woyzeck”, Georg Büchner, directed by Boro Drašković
  • “Who Do You Believe”, Jelena Đordević, directed by Darjan Mihajlović
  • “Kiss the Glitter of Extinguished Stars”, D.Stanković, directed by Marin Malešević
  • “The Uncle’s Dream”, F.M.Dostoevsky, directed by Egon Savin
  • “Menagerie”, Dušan Spasojević, directed by Boris Liješević
  • “Did the Prince’s dinner take place”, author of the text and director Vida Ognjenović

Change (Promena) Theatre, Novi Sad:

  • “The Madman and the Nun”, S.I.Witkiewicz , directed by Haris Pašović
  • “The Christmas Three at the Ivanovs”, Alexandar Vvedenski, directed by Haris Pašović
  • “Marat/Sade”, Peter Weiss, directed by Haris Pašović
  • “Hamlet”, Luis Buñuel , directed by Haris Pašović, Coproduction of Promena and Dubrovnik Summer Games

Other roles:

  • “Cabaret”, written and directed by Mirjana Ojdanić, Theatre Dvorište, Belgrade
  • “Sterija”, adapted and directed by Radoslav Dorić, Nušić Scene, Belgrade
  • “Calling the Birds”, Aristophane, directed by Haris Pašović, Yugoslav Drama Theatre
  • “La Ronde”, Аrthur Scnitzler, directed by Ferid Karajica, National Theatre Subotica
  • “The Fall of the Serbian Empire”, Miladin Ševarlić, directed by Primož Bebler,
  • NT Subotica
  • “Murder in the Cathedral”, T.S.Eliot, directed by Dragan Živadinov, NT Subotica
  • “A Rose of Winds”, Nenad Fišer, directed by Haris Pašović, NT Subotica
  • “Mansarda”, Danilo Kiš, directed by Nada Kokotović, NT Subotica
  • “Macbeth”, W.Shakespeare, directed by Milan Belegišanin, The Petrovaradin Fortress
  • “Othello”, W.Shakespeare, directed by Stevo Žigon, The Petrovaradin Fortress, 1993.

 Tekstopisac i režija:

  •  “Kozoder in action”, J. J. Zmaj – R. Radivojević, directed by Ratko Radivojević and Aleksandra Pleskonjić-Ilić
  • “Good-night Romeo and Juliet”, a cabaret, written and directed by Ratko Radivojević and Aleksandra Pleskonjić-Ilić
  • “UnderWear”, written and directed by Aleksandra Pleskonjić-Ilić, The Youth Theatre, Novi Sad


”Najviše na svetu celom” (“More than anything in the world”), directed by Siniša Kovačević


  • “Memo”, directed by Miloš Jovanović, Hammer Creative production
  • “The Optimists”, directed by Goran Paskaljević, Zepter International production
  • “Like early frost”, directed by Đorđe Balašević, production by Salayka