Dragan Stanković

Dragan Stanković

Dragan Stanković, Novi Sad, Serbia

Graduated from the Technical College in Novi Sad, graphic arts division, Department for graphic engineering.

He is working as a menager of the offset printing facility, Dnevnik printing house, Novi Sad.

He wrote the screenplay, acted and was an assistant director in the short motion picture “Dunavska neman” (“The Danube Monsters”), wrote the text for the play “Poljubi sjaj ugaslih zvezda” (“Kiss the Glow of the Burnt-Out Stars”), directed by Marina Malešević (performed for several seasons in the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad), and which is performed by the National Theatre “Marin Soresku” from Krajova (Romania), directed by Mirča Korništeanua, entitled “The Comedy of Final Days (Olympus on crutches)” and Glorai regnum polaris. He wrote the script for the short film “Good morning, the malignant cell”. He is a screenwriter or an associate on non-commercial films of Aleksandar Davić and Sabolč Tolnai, pending realization. He is a co-writer for the film “Srce je mudrih u kući žalosti ili svet nesvrstanih” (“The Heart of the Wise is in the House of Mourning or the World of the Non-Alligned”), directed by Marina Malešević, in which he also portrays a supporting role. He was a member of the Jury of the Film Front Festival in Novi Sad. He took part in the project of the Provincial promotional centre as one of the writers for short promotional films which represented the region of Vojvodina in a highly attractive way at the “Motovun Film Festival” (Croatia) in 2007.


An incentive pay for February 2006.