Kristina Radenković

Kristina Radenković

Kristina Radenković, Novi Sad, Serbia

  • Graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in the class of Professor Boro Drašković in 2004 with a monodrama “The Tale of Sonechka” by Marina Tsvetaeva and with a play “Don Juan”, by Moliere.
  • From 2006, she is a member of the National Theatre in Sombor.
  • During high-school, she was a member of the drama club, took part in francophone festivals in Hungary (Pecuj), France (Strasbourg). During the same period she was a member of the drama club of the cultural-art society “Sonja Marinković”, led by professor Milan Pletl. She took part in competitions and festivals of amateur theatres. For ten years, she practiced jazz ballet in “Rebis”, Novi Sad.
  •  She is fluent in English and French, and she is perfecting her Spanish.


– student plays performed in theatres:

  •  “The Curtain of the Soul”, Nikolai Evreinov, directed by Boris Liješević
  • “The Physicists”, Friedrich Dürrenmatt, directed by Miloš Pušić
  • “The Card Index”, Tadeusz Różewicz, directed by Boro Drašković
  • “The Tale of Sonechka”, Marina Tsvetaeva, monodrama
  • “Don Juan”, Molière, directed by Boro Drašković

Professional experience:

– in the National Theatre in Sombor:

  • “The importance of being Ernest”, directed by Olivera Đorđević
  • “The Last Death of Frenky the Teardrop”, Slobodan Vujanović, directed by Kokan Mladenović
  • “Masks”, Miloš Crnjanski, directed by Gorčin Stojanović
  • “O Go My Man”, Stella Feehily, directed by Ana Tomović
  • “Kadmo the King”, directed by Nela Antonović, Budva Theatre City
  • “Mirandoline”, Carlo Goldoni, directed by Filip Grinvald
  • “Via Balkan”, a thrilogy, directed by Lari Zapia

– other theatres:

  • “Spring Awakening”, Frank Wedekind, directed by Jelena Antonijević, SNT, Novi Sad
  • “Tekelija”, Petar Grujičić, directed by Dušan Petrović, SNT, Novi Sad
  • “The Lieutenant of Inishmore”, Martin McDonagh, dir. Žanko Tomić, Yorick troupe
  • “Suba within Us”, by Alexandra Ketig, The Youth Theatre, Novi Sad
  • “To Much of an Inheritance”,Vladimir Paskaljević, dir. Filip Markovinović, SNT, N. Sad


“The Optimists”, directed by Goran Paskaljević, Zepter International production


“Beovizija 2008” – the host

Jorik - Јорик - Yorick