Kapor Milorad

Milorad Kapor

Milorad Kapor, Beograd, Serbia.

Graduated at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad with a play “On Foot”, by S. Mrożek, in the class of Professor Rade Marković.
At the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, graduated at the Department of machine construction and mechanization with a topic “Dynamic strains of circular crushers and parts” under the mentorship of Professor Dr. Bošnjak Srđan (1998).
He is the founder of the troupe “Double Bottom” and its director until the end of the theatre season of 2006/07. Currently he is director of a prominent regional theatre group “Yorick Troupe” (www.joriktrupa.org) and a full member of the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad.
A long time sport enthusiast, he has achieved respectable results at middle-distance running and basketball competitions.


The Serbian National Theatre:

  • THE INSPECTOR GENERAL, N.V.Gogol, directed by Vitaliy Dvortsin
  • SPAWNING OF THE CARPS, A. Popović, directed by Egon Savin
  • DANGEROUS LIAISONS, Choderlos de Laclos, directed by Dušan Petrović
  • ON FOOT, Slawomir Mrozek, directed by Žanko Tomić
  • THE LIGHT PLAY, Nebojša Romčević, directed by Egon Savin
  • FAITH AND CONSPIRACIES, Aleksandar Tišma, directed by Dušan Petrović
  • THE RIGHT TO A RUSSIAN, Uglješa Šajtinac, directed by Olivera Đordević
  • THE SEAGULL, A.P. Chekhov, directed by Žanko Tomić
  • THE LIBERATION OF SKOPJE, Dušan Jovanović, directed by Žanko Tomić
  • A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, W.Shakespeare, directed by Kokan Mladenović
  • TEKELIJA, Petar Grujičić, directed by Dušan Petrović
  • THE MIRACLE IN JABNEL, B.PEKIĆ, directed by Milan Belegišanin
  • KISS THE GLITTER OF EXTINGUISHED STARS, D.Stanković, directed by Marin Malešević
  • DUNDO MAROJE, M.Držić, directed by Radoslav Milenković
  • TROILUS AND CRESSIDA, W.Shakespeare, directed by Laurence Calame, SNT Novi Sad – Theatre de Carouge – CIE03 Geneve
  • THE GRUMBLING HUSBAND, J.S.Popović, directed by Radoje Čupić
  • ROMEO AND JULIET, W.Shakespeare, directed by Predrag Štrbac
  • ME OR SOMEBODY ELSE, Maja Pelević, directed by Kokan Mladenović
  • JE LI BILO KNEŽEVE VEČERE, Vida Ognjenović, directed by Vida Ognjenović
  • THREE SISTERS, A.P.Chekhov, directed by Radoslav Milenković
  • SEOBE, Vida Ognjenović, directed by Vida Ognjenović
  • TALES FROM THE VIENNA WOOD, Ödön von Horváth, directed by Iva Milošević
  • THE CABINET MINISTER’S WIFE, Branislav Nušić, directed by Radoslav Milenković
  • THE MISANTHROPE, Molière, directed by Iva Milošević
Kapor Milorad Glorija
Kapr Milorad Mali Budo


Other theatres:

  • PLAY IONESCO EUGENE IONESCO, directed by Saša Volić, Theatre Susret, Belgrade
  • CAPTAIN JOHN PEOPLEFOX, Duško Radović, dir. Saša Volić, Theatre Susret, Belgrade
  • GALILEO, Bertolt Brecht, directed by Boško Đorđević, Scene Crnjanski, Belgrade
  • THE TUNNEL, P. Lagerkvist, dir. N. Petronje, Promena (Change) Theatre, Novi Sad
  • THE ROYAL FESTIVAL, directed by Boško Đordević, Scene Crnjanski, Belgrade
  • THE BOXES, Lyudmila Razumovskaya, dir. Boško Đorđević, Atelje 212, Belgrade
  • THE ZOO STORY, Edward Albee, directed by Nikola Vukčević, 2uplo dno (Double Bottom)
  • THE WOUNDED EAGLE, Mir – Jam, directed by Ivan Cerović, 2uplo dno
  • CRIME AND PUNISHMENT, F.M. Dostoevsky, directed by Ivan Cerović, 2uplo dno
  • WITH NO OBJECTION, Harold Pinter, dir. Goran Vukelić, Promena Theatre, Novi Sad
  • GOOD PEOPLE BUT THEY FAILED TO FIND THE RIGHT WAY IN LIFE, Daniil Kharms – Aleksandr Vvedensky, directed by Boško Đorđević, National Theatre, Belgrade
  • A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, A. Burgess, directed by Ivan Cerović, 2uplo dno
  • DIES IRAE, Ž. Mirčevska, directed by Ljuboslav Majera, Portal Theatre
  • LEPTIRICA, Milovan Glišić, directed by Ivan Cerović, 2uplo dno
  • THE LIEUTENANT OF INISHMORE, Martin McDonagh, dir. Žanko Tomić, Yorick Troupe
  • THE PILLOWMAN, Martin McDonagh, directed by Žanko Tomić, Yorick Troupe
  • KNKNPNKN, directed by Žanko Tomić, co-production Yorick troupe and Belef
  • PROFILE: VANYA, A.P.Chekhov, directed by Žanko Tomić, Yorick Troupe
Kapor Milorad Stipić Jovana
Milorad Kapor - Nikola Tesla



  • THE KNIFE, directed by Miroslav Lekić, Monte Royal Pictures production
  • MATHILDE, directed by Nina Mimica, E.T. Fiction & Film 87 production
  • MEMO, directed by Miloš Jovanović, Hammer Creative production
  • E RIDENDO L’UCCISE (And with a smile, he kills him) directed by Florestano Vancini, Italgest & Film 87 production
  • THE OPTIMISTS, directed by Goran Paskaljević, Zepter International production
  • LIKE EARLY FROST, directed by Đorđe Balašević, production by Salayka
  • CAT RUN, directed by John Stockwell, Lleju Productions
  • LOCKOUT, directed by James Mather & Stephen St. Leger, produced by Luc Besson
  • SKYFALL, directed by Sam Mendes, produced by Barbara Broccoli
  • MALI BUDO, directed by Danilo Bećković, Gargantua Production
Skyfall DVD
Kapor Milorad Lockout Luc Besson Guy Pearce



  • AJMO SVI U NOVO (“Let’s all go and start something new”), directed by Jan Makan, TV series, RTV NS
  • ZNAM DA ZNAM (“I know that I know”), game show, RTS
  • ULICA LIPA (“Lipa Street”), directed by Miroslav Lekić, TV series, RTS
  • FEAR OF LOVING (“Paura d’amare”), directed by Vincenzo Terracciano, Rai Uno, TV series
  • SESTRE (“The Sisters”), directed by Vladimir Paskaljević, Monte Royal Pictures production, TV movie
  • CVAT LIPE NA BALKANU, directed by Ivan Stefanović, Košutnjak Film & RTS, TV series
  • JAGODIĆI, directed by Miroslav Lekić, produced by Željko Čolaković, TV series, RTS