Žanko Tomić

Žanko Tomić

Žanko Tomić, Skopje, Macedonia. A Serbian citizen.


  • 1997 A degree in Theatre and radio directing, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade
  • 1995 A degree in Serbian language and Yugoslav literature, Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad
  • 1988 A high-school degree at the Department of Classical philology, Karlovac Grammar school, Sremski Karlovci


  • Directed over fifteen theatre plays, five of which in the Serbian National Theatre, and also in Belgrade, Subotica, Vršac, Herceg Novi and USA. In the last two years, according to the poll of the theatre critics, he was ranked as one of the five most successful directors. He directed four radio plays produced by Radio Belgrade. He was the editor of the drama programme of the Belgrade Summer Festival in 1997. He is the co-founder of the independent theatre company Torpedo in 1997 and Yorick troupe. He participated in the organization of the founding parliament of the Labor Union of the Dramatic Artists of Serbia. He is a member of the committee of the Association of Dramatic Artists of Serbia for the development of the theatre law. Between 1990 and 1993, he was an associate on the dramatic programme of the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad. He translated numerous plays and works of literature from English. He is involved in the study of theatrology and language theory (his paper Diskurs analiza konverzacije reditelj-glumac /Discourse analysis of the director-actor conversation/ was published in Prilozi proučavanju jezika in 1996). Recently, he has been writing essays and columns on dramatic issues for magazines Ludus and Scena. He worked as an editor of the weekly magazine Evropa.
  • He speaks and translates from English, Russian, Slovak and Macedonian.
  • 2007    An assistant director of the Bitef theatre
  • 2003    An art manager of the Mata Milošević Scene, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade
  • 2002    An assistant professor of Acting, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade
  • 2001    An art manager of the Serbian National Theatre
  • 1999    A drama manager, Serbian National Theatre, Novi Sad
  • 1997    A drama director in the Serbian National Theatre

Artistic biography:

  • 2007. “Backstage”, Kristof Varga, The Youth Theatre, Novi Sad – dramatization and directing
  • “Betrayal”, Harold Pinter, Bitef Theatre – director
  • 2006. “The Pillowman”, Martin McDonagh, Yorick troupe – director
  •  “Kontumac”, Đorđe Milosavljević, Joakim Vujić Theatre, Kragujevac – director
  • “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, Ken Kesey, Belgrade Drama Theatre – director
  • 2005. “Iron”, Rona Munro, Belgrade Drama Theatre – director
  • 2004. “The Lieutenant Of Inishmore”, Martin McDonagh, Yorick troupe – director
  • “Sigurna kuća“ („A Safe House“), Marija Stojanović, Serbian National Theatre – director
  • “Projekat Tri” (“Project Three”), New Serbian Drama Festival, Serbian National Theatre – a founder
  • 2003. “Dvadesetčetiri zida” (“Twenty-four Walls”), Igor Marojević, Belgrade Drama Theatre – director
  • 2002.  “Smrtonosna motoristika” (“Lethal Motoristics”), Aleksandr Popović, The Youth Theatre, Novi Sad – director
  • 2001. “Oslobođenje Skoplja” (“The Liberation of Skopje”), Dušan Jovanović, Serbian National Theatre – director
  • “The Europeans”, Howard Barker, National Theatre Subotica – director and translator
  • 2000. “Camino Real”, Tennessee Williams, Spingold Theater, Boston – director
  • “The Seagull”, A. P. Chekhov, Serbian National Theatre – director
  • 1998.  “We won’t pay! We won’t pay!”, Dario Fo, Serbian National Theatre – director
  • “On Foot”, Sławomir Mrożek, Serbian National Theater – directing and adaptation
  • 1997    “Jovana od Metroa” (“Jovana of the the Subway”), Vidosav Stevanović, Radio Belgrade – radio-play directing
  • “Rob ljubavi” (“A Slave to Love”), Ivan Lalić, Serbian National Theatre – director
  •  “Overlapping”, Belgrade Summer Festival – author and co-director
  •  “Mandragola”, Niccolo Machiavelli, Herceg Novi Festival – director
  • 1996    „Zimska priča“ („A Winter Tale“), Duško Radović Theatre, a children’s play – director
  • „A Kind of Alaska“, Harold Pinter, Radio Belgrade – radio-play directing
  • „Hrastova deca“ („The Children of the Oak“), Nebojša Krivokuća, National Theatre Vršac – director
  •  „Seascape“, Edward Albee, Duško Radović Theatre – director
  • 1995    „Zagonetka hrabrosti“ („The Riddle of Courage“), Dušan Jovanović, KPGT – director and translator
  • „Čija si?“ („Who do you belong to?“), Saška Naseva, Dadov Theater – director
Jorik - Јорик - Yorick