“Snowshot” is the first short film by “Yorick” troupe. With it, the troupe is trying, in a slightly unusual way, to bring attention to the issues existing somewhere around us. The story is based on fictional events which can easily become real.The main “hero” is a young man, University professor, who,unhappy with his life and the world in general, decides to commit suicide. But, from the moment of the decision to the actual act of suicide, his determination in the act slowly weakens. At the decisive moment of his journey, he meets a young girl who suffers from a rare disease. It is only too late that he realizes that the idea he is professing does not only concern his own fate.“Snowshot” is the title given as a counterpart for the young man’s theory that there can never snow again in a world like this, and this “coinage” is meant to show to what extent someone’s spoken words can have unseen consequences, which are perhaps less important to the one who says them, than to those the words are aimed at.

Unfortunately, the suicide rate in Vojvodina is among the highest in the world. We have been aware of the problem of suicides for years. This issue is usually treated in specialized institutions, during professional seminars and, sometimes, during relatively short periods of time, by non-government organizations. In the media, this universal problem is seen only at rare cases, most often as a reaction to a current event. Because of that, the problem of suicide is far away from the ordinary people, who are actually the first in the line of recognizing a person who may commit suicide (a close friend, a cousin, a family member etc.). This is why the film, as a form close to all layers of society can help more directly in the struggle to reduce the suicide rate. Because it is not only the suicide victims that suffer, it is also their immediate surroundings.


Director: Manuel Srbin
Screenplay: Anca Gradinariu Yvette / Manuel Srbin
Associate Screenplay Writer: Aleksandra Pleskonjić


Professor: Milorad Kapor
Girl: Doris Radić
Driver 1: Marković Saša
Driver 2: Jovan Obradović – Shpira
Driver 3: Kamenarović Gordana

Miodrag Kokinović – Gale, Ilija Ljubojević, Strahinja Milovac, Mima Lukić, Ina Mrkšić, Dragana Mišić, Nina Vuković, Siniša Stojiljković, Kristina Janjović, Teodora Pejčić, Ivan Đurišić, Bojan Simović, Ilijana Stevanović, Jadranka Đorgijeva, Ines Bereš, Dragana Bogićević, Tereza Pal, Milena

Voice of the mother: Aleksandra Pleskonjić
Radio Presenter: Jovan Stojanović – Cope
Cats: Hilari i Obama

The part of the lecture “The Question of Sense” by Ph.D. Časlav Koprivica was used in the film.

Made in: Srbija
Year of production: 2011
Duration: 18 minutes and 40 seconds