The Lieutenant of Inishmore


The Lieutenant of Inishmore

What mainly caught my attention in “The Lieutenant of Inishmore” was the possibility to make something that is not seen in a theatre – an action thriller. Theatre means, with all its conditions, are not meant for this type of genre, but that was the real challenge for the actors and for me. The result is a wild dark comedy. About what? Well, firstly, about a genuine irresponsibility towards everything, and particularly towards life, someone else’s and one’s own. About people from a small Irish island who learned, to great joy of their parents, that the best toys are explosives, guns and other lethal weapons. About ideologically fallen minds. And, of course, about a cat.

Žanko Tomić

The Lieutenant of Inishmore

Directing, choice of music and scenography: Žanko Tomić
Playwright: Martin McDonagh

Padriac: Milorad Kapor
Mairead: Kristina Radenković
Davey: Milovan Filipović
Donny: Miroslav Fabri/Nenad Gvozdenović
Christy: Ninoslav Đorđević
Joey: Dragan Stojmenović
Brendan: Ivan Đurić
James: Marko Marković

Sound: Dušan Jovanović
Lights: Marko Radanović Marketing
design: Vladimir Strajnić
Directing video clips: Milorad Kapor
Editing: Aleksandar Ljiljak
Music for the radio jingle: Aleksandar Bahun
Scenography set up and design: Željko Piškorić