18/07/2014 borisio

Jung claims that “myth is something that is eternal, ever-present and believed by everyone”. For a good few millions of people, the entries of this lexicon are something eternal, ever-present and beyond any doubt. To be fair, we are talking about a world which has disappeared, which has proved to be so expendable that its giants, heroes and gods are bound to provoke irony, laughter, sorrow and nostalgia. However, this play is hardly a joke- something to laugh at, nor does it engage in tracing back the roots of our demise, rather it is a serious work of art which deals with serious emotions of people forced to, abandon, overnight, their faith in nearly everything which has up until that moment determined their very lives. This task, worthy of heroes and gods, rather than ordinary men, we have all performed and it was high time we were given such a play to pat us on the head and tell us how ever-so good and docile we are.It all started with the letter P- the partisans. Then the show called “Karavan” (“Caravan”), then “Bolji život” (“A Better Life”), and then the cartoon “Baltzar” (“Balthazar”).

Except for the partisans, this pre-flood myth, in common to all the generations, the following three suggest the generation group to which the play authors belong, i.e. the “Yorick” troupe, whose members were, judging by the influence the TV has had on their memory, born in the 1970s. However, only the beginning is romantically nostalgic, as early as with the “Pomornik” do the dark notes of the forgotten past creep into in the play, with the simple bird shown in the picture, as a symbol of all the empty spaces in our albums for self-adhesive pictures, all the lost “Pony” bicycles and destroyed dreams of a better life.The first Macdonald’s in the Balkans is the breathtaking monologue of Milorad Kapor, an outrageously vulgar set of the most vile curses which managed to encompass all the misery and anger of a common and simpleminded man beaten by the “sega-mega” global air plain owner and millionaire. Another, equally breathtaking entry is what the play was named after. This unpronounceable word is something you get when you take the (Serbian) word for peanuts, written in Cyrillic, and try to read it as if it were written in the Latin alphabet.

Why would anyone do this- that is a stupid question seeing as how so many far more stupid things have been done and with catastrophic consequences, but the „KNKNPNKN“is a symbol of all the absurd and fatal insanities, in the fascinating performance by Ninoslav Đorđević, a man who turns insane before our very eyes, pronouncing in the end every I letter as N. Try it! There are scenes where you will literally laugh to tears, like the sex scene between a Chetnik and an Ustasha as well as those where you will weep with genuine sorrow like the one where the Bosnian peasant girls, pure as the snow, tells the story of Bojan Križaj, who is equally pure.An outstanding performance, breathtaking directing and breathtaking acting by Ninoslav Đorđević, Suzana Vuković, Milorad Kapor, Milovan Filipović and Jelena Đukić.

Aleksandra Glovacki, VEČERNJE NOVOSTI